Common Challenges In Selenium Automation

1. Pop up and alert handling

Mainly we can see 3 types of pop-ups.

2. Controlling dynamic elements

Many web site and web applications have dynamic web elements. web pages are user-specific and display different data for different users based on their requirements. new data appears on the web page after a certain period or when a user clicks something on the page.

3. Page loading delay issue

Some of the web application elements are different.

4. Mobile testing automation

You cannot do mobile application testing through selenium. It’s not supported for mobile test automation. Selenium supports more operating systems as well as browsers but it’s not running on IOS and android.

5. Sync issue or time out

This issue is the most common challenge in selenium test automation. Though this problem can be avoided using smart waits like Implicit waits and explicit waits that are available within Selenium. You can write your own custom method to handle the sync issues.



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Sanjaya Ruwan

Sanjaya Ruwan

An enthusiastic Software Quality Engineering professional |Former Software Quality Engineer @Cantel Medical| Currently work as QA Test Engineer @Omnilytics